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Welcome to the Trendy Fox Boutique!

My name is Ella, and I am the owner and stylist for the Trendy Fox Boutique, a Korean inspired boutique focused on providing quality and accessible trendy wear for modern women. I started the boutique because I had a hard time finding everyday investment style pieces that are accessible and affordable. At Trendy Fox, our choice of style is carefully curated from brands that combine modernity, understated elegance, and quality. I am  especially inspired by the expansive Korea fashion scene that caters to women's need for versatile styles to meet our everchanging lifestyle.

As a stylist and a creator, I am often traveling to Korea in search of look inspirations and quality materials. I personally trial all the style for fit and comfort before the products make it onto the store. Thanks to the refined materials, workmanship and fashion-forward designs from Korea, I think women will love the selections we have.

I love to style women that can make them feel good about themselves and help bring out their inner beauty through expression of quality and stylish looks. I hope as you browse through our store, you'll discover your style and brands that fit your lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by ! with love Ella